Descend into Deep, Renewing Rest

Once you know that struggling to sleep creates more struggle . . . once you know that deep rest gives you the benefits of sleep, and opens the doors to sleep when you're not chasing after it, you're on your way to peaceful nights.

Have you tried to rest, but discovered that rest is more than just lying still? To deeply rest requires diverse skills. . . especially when your mind is chatting, your emotions exploding, and your spirit disconnected.

Discover how to descend into rest with Restful Insomnia techniques. They'll help you dissolve the obstacles that keep you alert and aware – so you can soften into soothing, renewing calm.

You can easily learn these techniques in the online course, Tools to Dive Deep into Rest. This five-part series shares the key techniques, so you become free to spend less and less time in your nightly struggle. Instead, you'll ride the gentle waves to consistently restful – and renewing – nights.

Gain Freedom from Angst at Night

Imagine you were free the overwhelming stress and anxiety of sleepless nights. . . . And from the endless obsession over trying to sleep.

Imagine you had a life where you didn't dread bedtime. Where you're didn't dread unproductive, exhausted days, nor being disconnected from your family. . . .

What if you had the tools at night to tap into your hidden ability to rest? To turn down the volume on your mind and soothe turbulent emotions?

Be free to gain a greater connection with the loving presence of rest.

What you get in this powerful, LIVE course

With Tools to Dive Deep into Rest, you’ll receive a bevy of methods so you can renew at night – no matter whether you're wakeful when you go to bed or get up in the middle of the night.

You'll learn how to address the myriad stressors and obstacles from wakefulness, including anxiety, irritations, and a blabbering mind.

Here's what you'll receive when you take the webinar:
  • Unique Restful Insomnia tools – over 20 of them – to manage the challenges you've identified
  • Time to ask questions and have them answered by Sondra, the originator of the program
  • Detailed handouts to help you study and practice what you've learned
  • Membership in the Restful Insomnia Tools to Dive Deep into Rest Facebook group, to chat with others and discuss what you've learned
  • BONUS! A copy of Brain Fitness for Women, written by Sondra
  • Not to worry, recordings will be available should you not be able to attend one of the sessions
The cost is just $197. When you consider all the cures you've invested in, or all the productivity you've lost from exhauted days, it's a wise investment in freedom from stressful nights.

Benefits that change your nights and days...

When you learn the tools and make them your own. . . .
When you use them whenever you can't sleep...
You will easily say goodbye to the struggle over trying to sleep, glide into rest, and open doors to renewal and sleep itself.

That, my friend, is the key to a happier, more productive and present life.

  • Awareness of methods to easily tap into rest
  • Confidence that you can address the myriad stressors and obstacles from wakefulness
  • Insight into how to release the charge on emotions
  • A new relationship with your mind, to not be driven by its demands for attention
  • Deeper connection with a bigger perspective, to reduce isolation
  • Stronger connection with your body and its needs
  • Knowing there are other, more fruitful ways to get the benefits of sleep, even when you can't

Learn the tools to allow deep, renewing rest at night