Free yourself from the insomnia prison

What if you could leave the prison of insomnia—and create peaceful, renewing nights . . . even when you can’t sleep?

Well, here's your parole and pardon. Instead of being locked into suffering, experience insomnia in a whole new way.

With Tips to Soothe the 5 Obstacles to a Peaceful Night, you'll discover how to:

  • Release the impossible quest for sleep
  • Get benefits of sleep through rest
  • Understand the obstacles to peaceful nights
  • Most important—learn tips so you can dissolve the obstacles

Gain a brand new perspective on insomnia

Learn what's in your way of letting go . . . into the renewing, power of rest.

This insightful training includes . . .

  • 6 professionally made, engaging videos
  • Concepts that are easy to understand, and immediately applicable
  • Learn on your own timeline--all at once or spread out over time
  • Tips for how to start creating your own peace during sleepless nights

Immediate benefits that will come your way...

These videos will change the whole way you approach your sleepless nights. You will get:

  • Powerful knowledge about what can free you from the mistake of trying to sleep
  • Recognition of what snags you into stress, whether you're getting ready for or are in bed
  • Tips you can begin using tonight for each of the five obstacles
  • Joy at having a new approach to help manage your sleepless nights
  • Ability to shift your sleepless hours away from tension towards relaxation
  • Realizing what peaceful nights can look like, even when you can’t sleep
  • More confidence that you can stop the stress and relax into renewal

Learn the tools to allow deep, renewing rest at night