Imagine if you could really renew at night...

With Restful Insomnia personal coaching, you can live the life you want

When you suffer with insomnia, life can get very small.

From counting the time until the alarm rings, pulling yourself out of bed, trying to make the drive home without nodding off, hoping to calm your tired nerves and not say anything you'll regret….’re managing life, rather than living it.

But when you stop battling to sleep and learn to really, deeply rest. Ah, life becomes easier, with more room to be who you are. What would your life be like then?

Personalized tools to fit you

Personalized tools to fit you

The Restful Insomnia coaching program helps you learn to get the rest you need so you can live the life you want. It provides personal, customized tools that fit you — from your sleep habits, environment, body needs, and natural strengths.

You’ll learn an abundance of techniques, to change insomnia from hell and stress to peace and renewal, any time you want.

Personalized tools to fit you

Live the life you want

Is Restful Insomnia coaching right for you? The best way to find out is to participate in a free consultation.

You’ll not only find out if you’re ready for an in-depth change in your nights — and your life. You’ll also understand the effect that lack of rest is having on your life — and begin the path to a new approach to insomnia.

Rest can be just as curative as sleep

Director, Center for Circadian Medicine

I went from dreading bedtime to anticipating it

Really, to be honest, when we started I wasn’t sure how much if at all you could help me, and it’s been tremendous. I went from dreading bedtime to anticipating it. I am feeling rested and more energetic, enough so I’m now able to resume writing again!

I’m actually weaning myself off some of the medications I’ve been using to sleep at night, and I’m still able to rest and even sleep. Previously, when I tried to back off any of the stuff, it would only be a couple of days before I was back in that vicious cycle of insomnia and anxiety.

I’ve applied some of these Restful Insomnia notions to anxiety during the day as well, so I don’t get wrapped around the axle about something not going the way I think it should.

My partner is getting better sleep, because I’m getting better sleep. I’m much, much calmer about insomnia, even if I don’t sleep. I know I can still reach morning with more energy, I know what to do so I can rest.

Change your nights — and days!

Is Restful Insomnia Coaching right for you? Find out with a free consultation and discover how to change your whole perspective on sleepless hours.... for rest, renewal, and more energy the next day. Click below to get started.