Eye Roll

Sondra Kornblatt 11 Dec 2006

Eye rolls have a bad rep--especially when a teen reacts to a parent with leave me alone eyes. However, you can roll your eyes for the power of good: your relaxation!

When your eyes are closed, you can let your eyes soften and relax. Then your body slows and your unconscious mind guides you into deeper renewal.

You probably know that as you sleep, your eyes move. In a later stage of sleep comes REM--Rapid Eye Movement. Then your eyes bounce around under the lids, dreaming about monsters riding bikes or other odd imaginings.

eye.jpgYour eyes also move when you're getting ready to sleep or have insomnia. Not the rapid movement of REM, but small movements beneath closed lids. They move around as you remember things to-do, imagine talking to your boss, or wonder if you should get up. When your eyes are closed, you're getting some rest and helping your body pump some melatonin.

You can use your eyes to relax more deeply.

All you have to do is to roll your eyes to the "back"--though you're actually rolling them up or down. That changes the eye patterns from a waking (working/worry) direction to the pattern of sleep or deep rest. In fact, many meditators suggest rolling the eyes to deepen the inward experience.

When I want to change my thinking mind with my eyes closed, I roll my eyes down. That connects me to my unconscious mind and soothes my body. When you sleep, your eyes naturally roll up and back.

It's worth to try both downward and upwared rolls.

First just close your eyes, and notice how your mind and body feel. Then roll your eyes down. Notice your breathing and sense of relaxation. Then roll your eyes up and notice your breathing and body again.

When I do the eye rolls, my breathing is a little slower, and my arms feel more relaxed. There's a subtle change in each eye-roll state.

The odd thing is that when my eyes are rolled back, my mind's eye still thinks that I'm looking straight ahead. When I open my eyes, there's a clear difference. If my eyes are straight ahead with eyes closed, I can focus quickly when I open my lids. If my eyes are rolled, there's a blur as I regain my vision.

Some of my clients find a noticeable change in their whole body when they roll their eyes. Others play with it for a while before they notice how the eye rolls can transform them. A few can't notice much difference.

What power do eye rolls have for you? You'll find yourself changing your mind and body without doing much at all.

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