A new way to get what you REALLY need at night

I know, you just want to sleep. To slide into blissful unawareness, and not wake until you're refreshed in the morning. Ah, for a full night's sleep – but when you don't get it, it feels just horrible.

I experienced that same stressful craving for sleep during my long bout of chronic insomnia. But fortunately, I developed ways to renew during sleepless nights, and Restful Insomnia was born.

You can learn to get the rest and relief that you deserve. Restful Insomnia teaches you how to change your relationship with insomnia and all that accompanies it – anxiety, fear, blame, anger, and exhaustion. You'll discover how to shift away from the desperate cravings for SLEEP ALREADY into pathways for deep rest.

Deep rest provides:

  • Benefits of sleep (improved memory, health, and immune system, to name a few)

  • Less stress at night

  • More productive days

  • And even that pathway to sleep

Leave your anxious nights behind. With Restful Insomnia, you'll stop spending wakeful hours waiting, hoping, and praying that sleep will appear.

Keep reading to learn more about how Restful Insomnia can help you, through one-on-one coaching programs and online trainings. Like my clients, you can create rejuvenating nights (even when you can't sleep) and productive, happy days!

Don't you already know how to rest?

Resting is more than you might think. Do you know how to deeply rest — so you can renew during your sleepless nights?

  • Rest your body deeply
  • Get your mind to stop its yammering
  • Let go of grappling with emotions . . . and more
It takes tools to change insomnia from hell to peace—and Restful Insomnia shows you how.

Step into Soothing Nights

Step into Soothing Nights

Does insomnia have to be a nightmare? Not when you learn how to shift your wakeful hours from anxious hell to peaceful renewal.

In this six-video training, you'll get powerful and effective tips to manage the insomnia obstacles that keep you stressed. So you can finally end the nightmare.

Click below to learn more about Tips to Soothe the 5 Obstacles to a Peaceful Night. You'll be on your way to soothing nights and productive days.

Tools for the Rest You Need

Tools for the Rest You Need

Discover how to gently settle into the embrace of rest.

In this LIVE online course, you’ll receive over 20 dynamic and renewing tools to help you rest your body, mind, emotions, and spirit.

You’ll know how to change the way you experience insomnia, anytime you wish.

Be free from the frustrating struggle over trying to sleep. Instead, use your new tools to renew at night for more energized days.

Your Personalized Techniques

Your Personalized Techniques

Insomnia is NOT the same for everyone, nor the same every night. With Restful Insomnia Coaching, you will receive personalized guidence to:

  • Identify your unique insomnia challenges
  • Move through resistance and ineffective insomnia habits
  • Root techniques deeply into your memory
  • Customize the tools to work for you
Together we'll create your unique pathway, so you can get the benefits of (and open the door to) sleep.

Calmer about insomnia, and more energized days

I can’t begin to tell you how much this has helped….

Now that I know how to rest, I’m calmer about insomnia. And my days—they’re more focused and energized.

Helps my patients achieve peaceful nights

Everyone deserves a peaceful night.

Restful Insomnia is a tool that can help many achieve it — including my patients.

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7 Reasons to Stop Trying to Sleep

Once you understand, The 7 Reasons to Stop Trying to Sleep, you won't need to “fix” your insomnia. Instead, you're on your way to learn how to renew, refresh, and restore when you can't sleep.

Simply click below to receive my free gift to you, and be on your way to soothing nights.